Baraka Weltmusik Chor

The BARAKA World Music Choir is a mixed a cappella choir with approx. 30 singers, conducted by Rainer Dost and was founded in october 2002.

BARAKA’s program is a many-voiced expedition into often unusual, sometimes contemplative, sometimes stirring ways of singing from all continents.


Everything the globe offers, from the north pole to the south pole and all along the equator:
chants for several voices from Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, ... in Portuguese, Zulu, Gaelic, English, Italian, Japanese or German.

The BARAKA choir is named after the movie by director Ron Fricke from 1992.
BARAKA is a word originally taken from the Sufi language and means blessing.


The singers (of the Baraka choir) had a lot of variety to offer and the excited audience called for an encore. (Südkurier 06/2007)
A choir with 30 voices that took the audience on a manifold expedition across the chants and cultures of the world. (Südkurier 12/2006)

Have a listen:

listen Armo (Suden Aika)

listen Bajo el sol de Bogotá (Leon Gieco)

listen Crven fesic (trad. Bosnia)

listen Elegia ai caduti (Pippo Pollina)

listen En fillant ma quenouille (Canada)

listen Ой, не ходи Грицю (Ukraine)

listen Sabhal Ia’n ’ic uisdeann (Scotland)

listen Thina Sizwe (South Africa)